Passion and Innovation

My family history, made of passion and experience with wood, dates back three generations. At a certain point in my life, I faced a dilemma: continue the family business at a time when people’s taste, style and sense of aesthetics has changed, or offer new ranges, revisiting collections in a new key to stay in step with the times.
I decided to combine the old with the new: fine antiques and the charm of furniture and home décor objects with a modern design.
Today, my greatest satisfaction is to be able to see my furniture enjoy a new life, perfectly integrated in contemporary spaces.

Bernardi Neese Jason

A passion that started in 1907

The Bernardi family has been working with wood for five generations. Currently, on our premises in Via Montello 10, in Asolo, we restore furniture, using original techniques and materials. In our laboratory we create quality furniture with a great design and unique antique reproductions, using traditional artisanal techniques and the best materials available.

We specifically choose non-toxic products, including adhesives and polishes; we mainly do our polishing with shellac.
We offer original restored antiques, dated between the 1600s and the 1900s, as well as designer furniture, home décor objects, lighting and paintings from the 1900s, all to help our customers create their own harmonic and elegant home spaces.

We create bespoke furniture and restore all kinds of antique furnishings and home décor objects